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Dino Run

Dino Run

Game description

Roarrr! Welcome to the epic world of "Dino Run", where an unruly dinosaur is on the loose and won't stop for anything or anyone. Join our hilarious dino as he races through a prehistoric playground, dodging walls, fences and even crossing bridges like a boss!

You must watch out for those tricky corners! Make sure you turn correctly or face extinction! And what's more fun than demolishing obstacles? Smash those stone walls to pieces, not with your head (silly dinosaur!), but with mighty meteor showers! Take that, you pesky walls!

Devour delicious burgers along the way, run carefully and watch out for water, a dino can't swim (who knew?) Let's keep our dinosaur dry, shall we?

Are you ready for this wild dinosaur adventure? The fun is endless, just like our dino's world!

Go ahead, let's run like a dinosaur to victory! Rawrr!

(Note: No real dinosaurs were harmed during the creation of this game. Enjoy it responsibly).

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Launch :

August 4, 2023

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System requirements



Requires Android
8.0 and later versions
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